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Immigration & Investment Solutions, PLLC is a law firm, built upon a strong heritage of excellence in U.S. immigration and nationality law. It has accumulated over 100 years of practical experience in helping our Clients from around the world, nationalities spanning continents, including Asia, Australia, Africa, North & South America, Europe, and Russia individuals from all walks of life, professional with high level of education (PhD., MD, LLM, JD, Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees etc.), skilled workers, business men and women, students, investors, Asylees, among others.


Immigration & Investment Solutions, PLLC traces its roots to their beginnings in 1973 with the distinguished law firm of Paul Shearman Allen & Associates.
Immigration & Investment Solutions, PLLC stands on the shoulders and good work of Paul Shearman Allen & Associates with which the current partners have collaborated for over 30 years, winning suits against the Immigration Service in Masonry Masters, Inc. v. Thornburg, Full Gospel Portland Church v. Thornburg, etc., and of counsel obtaining Greencards and U.S. Citizenship for thousands individuals who have become contributing and productive citizens of the United States.
Our Clients come to the United States to work, study, invest, join family, and escape persecution, among other reasons, but ultimately to build better lives in the United States of America for them and their children. Many have joined the military and help to secure and protect America.
From the early 1970′s when only 250 people could immigrate from Hong Kong each year, and where people had given up hope of ever realizing their dreams of coming to the United States, to today when 5,000 are allowed to enter, through the turmoil in South America, the fall of The Shah of Iran, the Civil Wars in El Salvador and Ethiopia, to the 1977 turn over of Hong Kong to China, to Tiananmen Square and now Egypt, our Attorneys have diligently and effectively helped these immigrants through thick and thin, rain and shine, good days and bad days, guiding them through the maze of U.S. immigration laws, regulations and procedures, and obtaining their legal status in their now home America.
Immigration & Investment Solutions, PLLC, continues the legacy of providing personalized and quality services to our Clients. Our attorneys use their expertise to guide and advise each Client on the best steps forward, based on individualized strategy and according the specific practices of each immigration office, some are very different from the others.
We are a full-service immigration law firm providing assistance in employment-based, investment-based, family-based, consular processing, naturalization, and deportation cases. Our Clients who need to transfer foreign personnel from other countries, in addition to individuals seeking to unite with family members.
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