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What We Do

Our Philosophy 
Immigration & Investment Solutions PLLC has a philosophy founded upon two fundamental principles:
1. Clients deserve their attorney’s full dedication and commitment;
2. U.S. immigration should be applied fairly and consistently to all people regardless of race, color, faith, creed or sex.
Our Approach 
Our philosophy is the basis of our approach in representing employers, citizens, immigrants and aliens. In addition to using traditional “tried and true” arguments, we also attempt to develop new and innovative ones. We believe, however, that winning for the client is more important than making new law.
We remind government agencies that they too must comply with the law, be consistent and fair. We inform them when regulations and interpretations are overly restrictive, inconsistent or unreasonable. We follow through with them for timely and correct decisions which have great impact on the life, liberty, property, economic well-being and family unity of U.S. citizens, residents and aliens.
Because we believe immigration law must not be applied arbitrarily, but should be applied equally according to established legal precedents. We will tell government agencies they are wrong when it is appropriate to do so.
Our firm has over 30 years of aggregate professional and paraprofessional experience in immigration matters. This includes conducting relationships with government officials in the Departments of Labor and State, and the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).
Although we often stand on the opposing side from these government agencies, our approach (with them) is not exclusively adversarial. Instead, we strive to build mutual respect between officials who are charged with implementation of the law and with the most important members of the visa process: U.S. employers, citizens, residents, and would-be residents and citizens.
We know that your business, employment, professional and economic opportunities and your family’s future are very important to you and must be taken seriously. Our team of dedicated and motivated professionals is prepared to handle your case, whatever your country of origin, wherever in the world you maybe and regardless of the nature of your immigration problems.