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Success Stories

A prestigious advertising agency wanted to employ a talented director for their company. They approached our firm for assistance. We successfully extended the director’s H-1B status while simultaneously preparing a Labor Certification and Employment Visa Petition. The director received his Green Card approval and will continue his successful career in the advertising field.


A leading luxury transportation company hired our firm to assist in obtaining a Labor Certification and Visa Petition for their Assistant Operations Manager. In less than one year, we successfully got the both approved for the Operations Manager.


We successfully obtained an H-1B Petition approval for a Research Associate with a nationally recognized nonprofit organization with chapters throughout the United States.


An Education Foundation recognized hired our firm to obtain approval of an Employment Petition for a Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator’s Petition was approved just in time for the Foundation’s busiest season of work.


We assisted a pharmaceutical company with offices in different countries in obtaining an H-1B Visa for a Manager at their U.S. facilities.


A scientific consulting firm seeking to hire a scientist for its operations hired our firm to assist with a Nonimmigrant Visa. We successfully obtained an approval and the scientist began the job offered by the consulting firm.